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It’s our employees who make the Society what it is and what it will ultimately become – and we have a team of exceptional employees, with great values. As a business we want to declare our company values. These values will act as a guide and benchmark for behaviour and performance. Living these values day by day will underpin the success of the Society.

Customer focus (Internal and external)

  • Customers (our colleagues and members) are the centre of everything we do

  • Provide our customers with high quality, innovative products and services, which will improve their profitability, productivity and add value to their farming enterprise and membership of the Society

  • Listen to our customers and develop flexible and creative ways to meet their needs

  • Treat our customers (colleagues and members) with professionalism, honesty, and respect

Innovation and Creativity

  • We will deliver innovative solutions, look for continuous improvement and promote learning (formal and informal) and development

  • We will create solutions that are bold and forward-looking

  • Aim for continuous improvement within our products and services

  • Achieve a competitive advantage through new ideas and creative approaches

  • Approach challenges with a problem-solving and optimistic attitude


  • We are fully responsible for our actions and performance

  • We will strive for results with a strong sense of urgency and professionalism

  • Take individual responsibility for meeting customers’ needs and their expectations

  • Be determined to succeed


  • Honesty, fairness, and respect are of the utmost importance. We adhere to the highest personal and professional standards. Our business principles are never compromised

  • We are direct, honest, transparent and fair in our business dealings

  • Communicate openly and honestly

  • Respect diversity and others’ ideas and points of view

  • Behave in a fair and transparent manner

Value creation

  • We create value for our customers, employees, and stakeholders in the livestock industry

  • We will work hard and smart

  • We will set high expectations for service quality and building customer relationships

  • We will ensure our daily actions contribute to meeting the goals of the Society and of satisfying our customers

Employee Engagement

  • We foster a culture that promotes excellent performance, teamwork, inclusion, empowerment (knowledge and skills) leadership and growth


  • We strive to be successful, to deliver profitable growth to our business while not compromising the quality of our services and solutions to our customer’s needs


  • Through our products, services and technical expertise, we promote the efficient use of resources to benefit all people involved in livestock improvement.


Our business principles reflect the high ethical standards that are the basis for achieving our goals. Our employees understand that their activities must conform to these principles and that in combination with our company values, the business principles will act as a framework for achieving our goals and for conducting business in an ethical manner.



Professional competence level

We strive to ensure that all employees maintain their professional competence and skills at a level that is consistent with the responsibilities of their job, with due observance of the requirements from professional bodies regarding ongoing education.

Communication and dedication

The Society values its employees as a key resource. The success of the future business of the Society depends to a large extent on the dedication and commitment of all employees. Good communication with our employees are an important element of involving our employees in the various aspects of the Society. We actively promote our business principles and company values among our employees. We ask each employee to carry out his or her responsibilities in an honest and ethical way by ensuring that business policies and practices are aligned with ethical principles and by communicating ethical expectations to those with whom they work. Thus we strive to create an innovative environment where our employees can create value for all our stakeholders.


Responsibilities in Agricultural society

Human rights

We conduct our business with fairness, honesty, integrity and respect for differences in the wide variety of social, political and economic environments we operate in. The Society supports and respects human rights and we strive to ensure that our activities will not infringe upon them. As a provider of information we support freedom of speech and the exchange of information and skills.

Business and the environment

We are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment. We strive to implement environmentally sound business practices throughout our operational activities.


Business integrity

Compliance with applicable law

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and administrative practices of the countries and communities we operate in. No one has the authority to direct or authorize anyone to violate any applicable law, rule, regulation, or administrative practice.

Preventing corruption

Bribing and corrupting any officials are serious crimes and punishable in many countries. The Society’s employees, either directly or indirectly, may not offer, promise, give, demand or accept bribes or other undue advantage to obtain or retain business or other improper advantage to or from anyone for any reason.

Business gifts and entertainment

Service and employment at the Society should never be subordinated to personal gain or financial advantage. No employee, his or her partner, or a member of his or her family, may receive improper personal benefits as a result of the employee’s position at the Society. The Society’s employees should decline any gifts whose acceptance could raise suspicion of improper influence or conduct. The Society’s employees may not give or receive gifts or offer or accept entertainment if customary courtesies common under accepted ethical business practice are exceeded. Gifts or entertainment in exchange for favours or undue consideration and must always be rejected.


Internal controls and transparency

Internal guidelines

Conducting our business in a transparent and honest way is an important part of our ethical standards. Our internal policies and guidelines are a tool for our employees to act in such manner. All employees have to act in conformity with the applicable internal policies, procedures and guidelines. Immediate action should be taken to resolve any control weaknesses that could materially affect the reliability of financial reporting and disclosures, or that could expose the Society to the risk of fraud.


Use of assets and information


Information on the Society’s activities, members, staff, strategies, business data and financial results often is proprietary and confidential. Unauthorized disclosure could damage the Society or give unfair advantage to others. The Society expects its employees to respect and actively protect the confidentiality of business information. This also includes information of a confidential nature obtained from third parties.

Conflicts of interest

The Society employees must avoid any situation that could create a conflict, or appearance of conflict, between their private interests and the interests of the Society. A conflict of interest arises in any situation in which the Society employees use their contacts or position in the Society to advance their personal, private business, or financial interests, whether or not at the expense of the Society.

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