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“Stud breeding: Buying is easier than selling. Before you buy ensure what, to whom and where you will sell.” (CP Massmann).

After joining the Society the following services are available to acquire females:

  • Our Technical Advisors are at your service at all sales under the rules of the Society

  • Contact breeders in your area and insist on objective information viz. EBV’s on the performance pedigree certificate and give preference to animals that passed the Society’s inspection

  • If you have grade Simmentalers or even cross Simmentalers we will arrange a visit of our Technical Advisor who will give you valuable breeding advise and register animals that meet these visual standards as an Appendix A (normally second back crosses to Simmentaler)

Purchasing tips

  • Attendance of a training course is recommended. The visually perceptible superior and inferior characteristics of animals are dealt with in detail

  • Always insist on the certificate: (i) an animal that has been approved and complies with the requirements of the breeders’ society will have an inspection date in the top right corner of the certificate (Animal inspected and approved on…); (ii) an animal without an inspection date has not yet been inspected (calfbook) and may be rejected, but the certificate contains vital performance and breeding particulars; (iii) an animal without a certificate has been rejected due to faults or the animal’s parent(s) were rejected.

  • The tattoo marks in the animal’s ear must correspond with the identification marks reflected on the certificate

  • Make sure that the seller informs the Society in writing to transfer the animal to your name

  • When purchasing cows the calving record is of great importance. Avoid purchasing cows without an official calving record.

  • When purchasing pregnant cows, the seller must furnish you with full details of the AI or service bull.

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